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Using my deep knowledge of the Dutch and English languages, specialised translation tools and an extensive network of English native speakers, I can offer professional translations Dutch-English/English-Dutch and revise translations from/into English.

Direct contact - one person

You will be in direct contact with me, the translator, making it impossible for any information to be lost and/or misinterpreted by intermediaries.

Fair price-setting

As every job requires a tailored approach, offers will always be based on the length of assignments and their contents. There will be no charge for start-up costs. The prices indicated below, as well as those on the offers, are net (exclusive of VAT) since I am VAT-exempt. Urgent assignments that have to be made during evenings and/or holidays and/or weekends are subject to different prices and undertaken if my work flow allows it.

Price per sourceword 1 VAT exclusive
 Normal tariffTariff for emergency jobs
Translations:€ 0,10€ 0,11
Revisions:€ 0,05€ 0,06
word in the definitive text (text to be translated)


Duty of professional confidentiality will be applicable for every translation brief. If I consult any possible co-workers, they will be also bound to similar contractual declarations of secrecy.

How it works

1. Send me an e-mail with your question or with the material that you would like me to translate. If you have any supporting or accompanying material that could be useful or should be used during the translation process (terminology databases, similar texts, etc.), or if your translation requires a specific style, please mention this clearly in the translation brief accompanying your request. Please also include your address and VAT number (if applicable). I will regard the material you send as the definitive version of the text to be translated/revised. All documents must be accessible: I do not work with scanned images of texts. Please include any deadline if applicable so that I can assess whether I am able to meet it. Any unforeseen delays will be flagged as soon as possible.

2.         I will send you an offer without commitment. The General Terms and Conditions sent with the offer are always applicable. They are also available on this website. If changes are made to the initially submitted material after the offer has been made, the price might be liable to change. If I am unable to fulfil a translation brief, I will supply you with a detailed explanation. If you are then still convinced that I will be able to do your translation in accordance with your wishes, I will be very happy to help.

3.         To accept and confirm an offer please sign it, scan it and return it to me either by e-mail or by post. Alternatively, send me an e-mail containing the following text: “ I, in the capacity of the authorised person, confirm my agreement to have the Service described in Offer   .............................................. executed by Vincent Fernandes Translations according to the conditions and rates mentioned in this offer. Name: ............................., Company name                      (if applicable): ........................................". Comments, additions and/or adaptations to Vincent Fernandes Translations’ original offer should be mentioned separately to Vincent Fernandes Translations (with reference to the relevant offer number) and will not be considered as binding unless Vincent Fernandes Translations confirms that they were accepted in writing.

4.         Your translation will be made as soon as possible.       
5.         You will receive the translation by e-mail along with the invoice. Invoices should be paid within 30 days.